Consider sponsoring a class (or several classes!) at our Cavalier King Charles Back-to-Back Specialty Shows August 25, 2017.

Sponsorship money is used to purchase our wonderful awards for the winners of each class, the winners dog and winners bitch, best veteran of the show, best of breed and best of opposite sex.

Our awards are some of the best offered in AKC shows and we are proud of them. The sponsorships also help us hire the very best judges in the world.


You can sponsor a class in your own name, the name of your business or in memory of a favorite person or pet. Our sponsors are featured prominently in our show catalogs, in posters at the shows, on our website, on our Facebook page and are announced during the shows. If you'd like, you can even present the award for the classes you sponsor.

We offer sponsorships at three levels: Bronze ($25), Silver ($50) and Gold ($100).

The $100 Gold Sponsorship is for the Cavalier that wins:
Best of Breed
Best of Winners
Winners Dog
Winners Bitch

The $50 Silver Sponsorships are for the following:
Best of Opposite Sex
Reserve Winners Dog
Reserve Winners Bitch
Best Puppy in Puppy Classes
Best Bred by Exhibitor
Best Veteran in Show

The classes for a $25 Bronze Sponsorship include:
Puppy Dog 6-9 Months
Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months
Puppy Dog 9-12 Months
Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months
Dog 12-18 Months
Bitch 12-18 Months
Amateur Owner Handler Dog
Amateur Owner Handler Bitch
Bred by Exhibitor Dog
Bred by Exhibitor Bitch
American Bred Dog
American Bred Bitch
Open Blenheim Dog
Open Blenheim Bitch
Open Tri Color Dog
Open Tri Color Bitch
Open Black & Tan Dog
Open Black & Tan Bitch
Open Ruby Dog
Open Ruby Bitch
Veteran Dog
Veteran Bitch

Note: In 2017, we will have back-to-back shows. That means 2 shows with the classes (and sponsorships) above available for each show! You may suggest your first, second and third choice classes you'd like to sponsor, but if those are already taken, we reserve the right to assign you another that is available.  Also, if you select a Silver or Gold Sponsorship and there are no sponsorships available at that level, we reserve the right to give you multiple sponsorships at lower levels that are available.

When you get to the PayPal page, you can increase the quantity on the left side of the page to sponsor more than one class at your chosen level!  Be sure to hit "Update page" afterwards.

Bronze Sponsorship
Your Name
Best of Breed
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Preferred Class(es)
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Preferred Class(es)