The links below will take you to info and photos from our club's Cavalier King Charles Specialty Shows over the years:


August, 2016 - Back to Back Shows!  Our Fifteenth & Sixteenth Shows

August, 2015 - Back to Back Shows!  Our Thirteenth & Fourteenth Shows

August, 2014 - Our Twelfth Specialty Show!

August, 2013 - Our Eleventh Specialty Show!

August, 2012 - Back To Back Specialty Shows!  Our Ninth & Tenth Specialty Shows.

August, 2011 - Back To Back Specialty Shows!  Our Seventh & Eighth Specialty Shows.

August, 2010 - Our Sixth Specialty Show!

August, 2009 - Back To Back Specialty Shows! Our Fourth & Fifth Specialty Shows.

August, 2008 - Our Third Specialty Show!

August, 2007 - Our Second Specialty Show!

August, 2006 - Our First Specialty Show!

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